Proposed Longmont year-round homeless shelter would prioritize accountability, permanent housing

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Young families living out of cars. Surgery patients, sent from the hospital back to the street. Limited resources. Freezing temperatures, and few safe, warm places in which to seek shelter. Even fewer solutions. Continue reading


From inmate to teacher: how Traci Lundstrom got the keys to the place that held her

Traci Lundstrom practices yoga on a sunny afternoon at home.

The day Traci Lundstrom walked back into a cramped room at Boulder County Jail, it felt different. As an inmate, she’d taken her first yoga class here. Now, Lundstrom was teaching a class of her own. Continue reading

Your week in crime

They can hear you now.

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Good news: you can officially donate your rotary phone to the Smithsonian (that is, if you’re one of the two people in the country who still has a landline). Cellphone tracking has come to emergency call centers in Denver, which means that 911 has a better shot of finding you, no matter where you’re calling from. Continue reading

Your week in crime

Hate is on the rise

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In a report that is likely shocking to nobody, the F.B.I. found that the rate of hate crimes has risen 17 percent since 2016 — and the actual number might be even higher. Hate crimes are often under-reported; this past year, large police departments in Miami and Las Vegas reported zero hate crimes at all…which seems a little difficult to believe. Continue reading

Your (election) week in crime

Thoughts and prayers are not enough

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It’s been less than two weeks since a gunman murdered 11 people at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh. On Wednesday night, a different gunman walked into Borderline Bar in Southern California and murdered 12 people. Continue reading

Election Preview: two sides to Boulder Ballot Issue 1A


ALEJANDRA WILCOX, reporter: Bernie Sanders’ appearance on the CU Boulder campus last month highlighted how significant the coming midterms are to Colorado and the nation.

(Background noise from Bernie Sanders rally)

BERNIE SANDERS: And let me tell you that the midterm election taking place on November 6 is the most important midterm election in the modern history of this country. Continue reading

Your week in crime: 10/26 – 11/2

In the wake of a massacre

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Barely a week ago, a gunman entered the Tree of Life synagogue on the Jewish Sabbath and murdered 11 people. The alleged murder has pleaded not guilty.

This shooting is believed to be the deadliest attack on Jews in American history — and it came at the tail end of a week of hate crimes. Continue reading