Weekly Women & Children Headlines: Homeless Youth


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Homeless Crisis in the Richest Cities

In some way people experiencing homelessness dropped 4 percent in the U.S. But, in some certain cities, slow wage growth and skyrocketing rents have caused people experiencing homelessness. Homelessness has spiked in some big cities with good welfare. At least ten towns on the West Coast have declared states of emergency in recent years to provide shelter for their homeless. Continue reading


Weekly Women & Children Headlines: Children Hunger

People charities to overcome hunger problem in the U.S., especially among the children.


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Sophomores Create Hunger: Not Possible

Henley High School seniors Macy Hullman and Sophia Gomez initiated a project called as “Hunger: Not Impossible” to help end hunger in their community. The school continued the initiative and leverage it to food-insecure teens and their families. Recently, Henley served 618 meals to 26 families in two months. 24 HNI student volunteers from Henley and Mazama volunteered over 558 of their summer hours to help fight hunger in the Klamath Falls community. Continue reading

Weekly Women & Children Headlines: Women’s Suffrage

In the UK, women parliament from 86 countries marks 100 years of women’s suffrage. Colorado mark 125th years of that.


Female politicians Gathered in the UK

Commemorate of 100 Years of Women`s suffrage in the UK, female political leaders from 86 countries discussed the future of women empowerment in politics and how to engage the next generation. Some challenges are facing by women in politics, such as sexual harassment, intimidation, and abuse. Continue reading


Women Voice


Women community celebrated the 125th anniversary of women getting the vote at Evans School, Denver on November 2, 2018.

Colorado has a long history to be leading in the women’s suffrage. Women in Colorado got the right to vote, 26 years before the federal government passed the 19th Amendment. Continue reading

What Did They Say About Women Issues in the Final Strike of Election?

Determining Difference on Reproductive Health Care


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Abortion becomes a crucial issue in Colorado’s campaigns. Both of Democrats and Republican brought the matter to the front. Jared Polis, the Democrats candidate for governor does not support any restriction on abortions. Walker Stapleton, the Republican candidate for governor, is a “pro-life governor,” and not support personhood Continue reading