Liars, leaders, laborers, and losers.

The week of November 26

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Photo from The Portland Press Herald

Where do liars go? Apparently to work for President Donald Trump. On Thursday, former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen admitted to falsifying statements about property deals and Russia. Looks like this saga will never end. Continue reading


Tweets, a Mexican drug lord, a democratic new year, and international flight plans.

The week of November 12

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Photo from VOA News

How does this man still have a Twitter account? President Trump has once again proved that Twitter might just be his demise. On Tuesday, President Trump wrote a series of Tweets lambasting French President Emmanuel Macron. Nationalism seemed to be the foundation for which the president crafted his remarks ending one tweet with “Make France Great Again”. Continue reading

An effervescent outlook

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The Mile High City courtesy of


Representative Katy Strascina outside of Union Station

On a brisk Thursday, Katy Strascina and I met for lunch outside of Union Station in Denver, Colorado. Clad in a sharp black pant suit and scarf, tortoise-shell glasses and an uber chic silver bangle, Strascina walked over to our table with an air of excitement. Continue reading

Amendment 112: The movement is just getting started

By Riley Krumpholz


Amendment 112 supporters awaiting the results. Photo taken by Riley Krumpholz

At a midterm election watch party in Denver, Colorado, viewers supporting proposition 112 glued their eyes and aspirations to a screen projecting the latest results. While cheers erupted for select races, everyone at Big Trouble Bar was anxiously awaiting the decision on an amendment that would change the future of oil and gas development in Colorado. After hours of waiting, the results came in: amendment 112 failed to pass. Continue reading

Thoughts and prayers, another one biting the dust and other news you need to know.

The week of November 5

Some of this week’s curation is brought to you with a heavy heart:

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Photo From NBC News

12 are confirmed dead after another mass shooting in America. Reports say that gunman opened fire at Borderline Bar and Grill in Thousand Oakes, California. The gunman was identified at Ian David Long, a former Marine. Thoughts and prayers are, once again, on the way but so is furry about the current state of the country. Continue reading

Colorado Voters Elect Nation’s First Openly Gay Governor

Polis 2

Jared Polis embraces his husband, Marlon Reis, after winning Colorado’s race for governor. Polis became the first openly-gay male elected governor in the nation’s history. Photo credit: Jared Polis Facebook page


Jared Schutz Polis was elected the 43rd governor of Colorado Tuesday, making history as the first openly-gay male elected as chief executive of a state in U.S. history. Continue reading