The Rocky Flats Paradox



By Sara Cottle, Alex Feltes, Julia Medeiros

The Rocky Flats Paradox is a multimedia story that explores the controversy surrounding the Rocky Flats Plant, which manufactured the cores of U.S. nuclear weapons during the Cold War, becoming a National Wildlife Refuge by looking at the complex and troubled history of the site from operations through clean-up and hearing from voices of the past and the present.




Mars, missions, and microbiology – this week in science and technology

Here’s some InSight on Mars

The seventh month journey of NASA’s InSight lander came to an end after seven minutes of terror on Monday.


Image provided by NASA

InSight cruised into the atmosphere of Mars at 12,300 mph and managed to slow to a graceful 5 mph before a gentle landing. This is the eighth time in human history a successful landing has taken place on Mars.

InSight will spend the next two years studying the interior of Mars. Continue reading

Crater, Kepler, and Camp Fire – this week in science and technology

A discovery for the crater good

In July of 2015 a crater was first spotted under the Greenland ice sheet.

On Wednesday researchers confirmed this finding. This is the first ever meteorite impact crater found beneath the Greenland ice sheet.

Screen Shot 2018-11-16 at 4.40.22 PM.png

Image provided by Natural History Museum of Denmark.

This 19-mile wide and 1000 feet deep crater was formed under the Hiawatha Glacier less than three million years ago, most likely during the end of the last ice age according to NASA. Continue reading

Volcanoes, a rocket launch, and smoke signals – this week in science and technology

Not everyone lavas a telescope on Mauna Kea

The Supreme Court of Hawaii officially approved the construction of a telescope on the Mauna Kea volcano.

An artist’s rendition of the proposed Thirty Meter Telescope

Known as the Thirty Meter Telescope it will be the largest telescope constructed in the Northern Hemisphere.

However many Hawaiians are not thrilled with this development. Mauna Kea is a site for a number of cultural and religious practices and the telescope would interfere. Continue reading

Amendment X



ALEX FELTES: Hemp is a hot commodity in Colorado.  It’s in clothing…cosmetics…and even the Colorado Constitution.  It’s that big of a deal to our state.  In this year’s midterm election Amendment X is asking Coloradan voters whether or not they want hemp to remain in our constitution.  Industrial hemp is currently defined as a cannabis plant with a THC level no more than 0.3 percent.  Amendment X wants to remove the definition from Colorado Constitution and instead have hemp comply with federal law. Continue reading

Rockets, search and rescue drones, and coral reefs – this week in science and technology

Update! Houston…we don’t have liftoff

The Soyuz spacecraft is back and better than ever.

A new Soyuz mission to the International Space Station will take place in December, according to the Russian space agency.  This time three astronauts will be part of the mission.

Just last month, the Soyuz MS-10 launch experienced rocket failure and two astronauts made an emergency landing. An investigation into the launch revealed that one of the side boosters was unable to cleanly detach from the rocket due to a bent pin. Continue reading