Eva Danayanti

Eva Danayanti was born and raised in a small city in southern Sumatera Island, Indonesia. Her career in journalism began when she developed the news syndication service, Aceh Feature, together with her friends after a tsunami in 2004 devastated Aceh Province at the northern end of Sumatera. She works for capacity building of media and journalists at Timika, West Papua and Flores, the eastern part of Indonesia.

Her passion for journalism led her to serve as the Executive Director of The Alliance of Independent Journalists (AJI) Indonesia for almost six years. AJI Indonesia is a professional organization with a membership of around 2000 journalists, spread out of 38 branches all over Indonesia. During her works at AJI, Eva helped start the School of Journalism AJI (SJAJI) and http://www.independen.id, an online media aggregation service. For her, better journalism will safeguard democracy and contribute to better lives and societies.

She is covering women’s and children’s issues for Under the Flatirons 2018. You can reach her directly at eva.danayanti@colorado.edu